Lowie’s Lifetime In–House Repair Service

Posted on February 10 2016

Lowie's In-House Repair Service

Here at Lowie we are passionate about sustainability. Our heritage inspired clothes are lovingly hand crafted where possible and we are always on the look out for ethically sourced materials! Crucially, we care hugely about who manufactures our clothes and we’re sure you do too! We want our customers to feel secure, knowing their purchases are not contributing to the exploitation that is rife within the mass production methods of high many street stores.

 Because our clothes are manufactured in this way, they are a little more expensive. Because our clothes are a little more expensive, we want them to last! Here at Lowie, we’d like to see you wearing your garment for years to come.

If you have bought an item of clothing from us, at any point, from any season, and it is looking a little worse for wear, please don’t throw it away! We will gladly take it in at our London studio and try and repair it for you.

 Please email us at boutique@ilovelowie.com with any enquiries.


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