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Posted on November 30 2018

Christmas is coming ! 

The busiest shopping time of the year. Everyone is looking for perfect gifts to offer on the 25th December, ad's are being pushed on you from all angles and the need to spend has never been so apparent.

As we all know cheap materials, low paid staff and unconscious environmental choices is what gives companies the ability to push bargain prices but at what cost?  Plastic is filling the seas and land, over production is drying up our oceans and cheap labour is driving people into poverty.   

Sadly, our current society pushes quantity over quality and thus, the industry produces overwhelmingly, to fulfil this insatiable desire for a dress for £5.

But what would happen if the consumer changes their habits?

If people buy differently, it will create vast change.

We need to fight against "fast-fashion" and throwaway goods and choose quality, durability and most importantly a personal connection. This consumer change is in the hands of everyone and buying locally could be a solution.

Buy local, what the Small Business Saturday defends

The Small Business Saturday supports all the small businesses, pushes the pride of the local seller and offering them the chance to be seen. So, Saturday 1st December 2018, hang out in your local area and create your community. 

Our ethical brand has two shops in South London, so  discover a friendly face and a transparent company and its products in Herne Hill and Crystal Palace. 

Enjoy your Christmas shopping

By the way, we all know what a nightmare it is to go to shopping and pound the streets for Christmas gifts in December. In the end, you always settle for the same pre-packaged 'smellies' box or celebrations chocolate. So, avoid the high street, the suffocation of crowds of manic shoppers, and discover the personal service and intricate curation of a small independent boutique.

See you on Saturday !

We challenge you on Saturday 1st December 2018 to shop small, meet us, discover the Lowie brand and all the wonderful small businesses that surround us ! Discover your locality and become the thoughtful shopper, not the compulsive shopper.

On Herne Hill : 115 Dulwich Road, SE524 ONG
On Crystal Palace : 25 Westow St. SE19 3R4

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