Fashion Revolution #whomademyclothes

Posted on April 25 2017

The Fashion Revolution is Here

This week we celebrate a Fashion Revolution here at the Lowie shop and all around the world. Fashion Revolution week is a campaign from 24th-30th April, which happens every year around this time due to the Rana Plaza factory collapse where a thousand people were killed. We take this time to ask ourselves #whomademyclothes? 

Here at the Lowie shop we are working towards a more ethical and sustainable future by using organic cotton, recycled materials, and natural fibres. We also aim to keep our knit and crotchet family makers in China together by allowing the knitters to work from home in order help maintain their traditional lifestyle. All our producers use safe machinery that gives the employees a safe work environment and fair pay. We encourage our customers to hand wash their garments instead of using dry cleaning and we provide repairs for life on all Lowie garments. 

Who made our clothes at the Lowie shop? Let us introduce to you the people who make our garments: Andy Wong and his son Anthony who run the A&A Fashion house in China, Lina Lee and her husband Billy who run the cut and sew factory, and Mr.Chen who produces the fabric printing for Lowie in Shenzhen. 

At the Lowie shop we also have carefully selected brands who produce their garments in a ethical and sustainable way. These brands include People Tree, Ondine Ash, Meet the Wedgies, Kate Sheridan, Kings of Indigo, Humanoid, and Mantis to name a few.

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