My new design twin?

Posted on December 12 2012

So, I’ve finally managed to make it to blog after much technophobic procrastination. What was it that finally inspired me to put fingers to the keyboard you ask?

Last week, whilst browsing on Pinterest, looking at all our thousands of Lowie re-pins, we found a Californian brand called Three Bird Nest that had been ‘inspired’ by Lowie. In fact, our Lowie products ‘inspired’ this ‘designer’ (Alicia) so much that we found 5 products on her website and Etsy page that seemed almost identical to Lowie.

‘How amazing’ I thought, ‘perhaps I’ve finally found my long lost design twin’!

A little browse though old emails, and to our surprise, the designer Alicia had personally requested more information about our long lacy knee socks back in February, and had become a registered user on

Have I found my long lost designer twin or is this a case of mistaken identity? Did she just forget to acknowledge the source of the designs or is this blatant copying?

Share your comments on our Facebook page, or you could even email Alicia directly at or and let her know what you think of her ‘designs’.

On another note, now that the weather has turned, I’ve had a wonderful weekend woolied up. The first new item to jump ship into my wardrobe (OK, well I put it there) is the mohair diamond beanie in salmon. What a treat to wear such a wonderful colour, which seems to work with so well with most things.

To get your own go to

We love that our model Cecile, is herself a knitter. More about that next time.

For now, happy emailing!



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