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Fashion Revolution Day

Posted on April 20 2015


Fashion Revolution Day takes place annually on April 24th , the anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster in which 1133 people were killed when the clothes factory they were working in collapsed. Thousands more were injured. Dangerous working conditions are commonplace when an industry puts profits before people, so FRD is calling for manufacturers to be transparent about how their clothes are made and, more importantly, about who makes them. Lowie is proud to stand up and be counted as one of the many fashion labels involved in FRD who are committed to environmental sustainability and ethical working practices. One of Lowie’s founding principles was that beautiful fashion should not go hand in hand with exploitation and everything you see in the Lowie store has been manufactured by happy, well paid workers! Environmental sustainability is crucial to the fashion revolution and our spring/summer collection features pieces made from both organic and recycled cotton - check out our signature tea dresses and pointelle cardigans! We are fully on board with this fantastic awareness campaign and to show our support the clothing in our shop window will be turned #insideout. The Lowie team will be wearing our clothes #insideout too!! Will you join us? Find out more at

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