Established in 2002 by designer Bronwyn Lowenthal, Lowie has grown from its birth as a knitted accessories brand to a fully fledged women’s wear label with two stand alone stores in south London, UK.
The Lowie stores stock own brand Lowie in amongst a carefully chosen array of other independent, ethical and unique womenswear, jewellery, accessories and lifestyle brands.

The flagship store in Herne Hill has become a well loved fixture in the community and we pride ourselves on the amount of local committed customers we have gained over the years. Our newest shop in Crystal Palace was opened in June 2017 and we are enjoying sharing Lowie with a new audience.

Founder Bronwyn has a huge admiration and appreciation for craft and handiwork from around the world and believes this is what makes a garment truly special.With this in mind she makes sure Lowie collections feature hand-knitted jumpers, hand embroidered garments and hand block printed and woven fabrics.

Lowie began as a knitwear brand and knitwear is still an intrinsic part of our collections. The majority of Lowie’s knitwear is proudly made in Scotland and this is something we are striving to increase.

Our Fabrics

Our Suppliers

“We always vet our suppliers and advise on how they can make their businesses more environmentally and people friendly. Where possible, we will choose to make our garments from organic or sustainable materials. Letting our suppliers know that customers are prepared to pay a premium for ethically sourced garments will encourage them to provide us with the raw materials and processes that will ultimately serve to protect our precious environment”

Organic cotton and recycled cotton yarns have been used for the Spring/Summer collections for the last 7 years.

Lowie uses cashmere, lambswool, mohair, merino and angora wool. All our wool is ethically sourced.

Our leather is free from harmful chemicals including azo, benzadrine and chrome 6.

We ask our suppliers to use the minimum amount of plastic packaging.

All marketing materials are made from sustainable sources or printed on recycled paper.

“We visit our manufacturers at least once a year in order to maintain close relationships and ensure everybody has smiles on their faces! We aim to pay all our handmakers and manufacturers a fair price”

Knit and Crochet

For a couple of years now we have been producing knitwear in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. This year we have more made in Scotland knitwear than ever and we are hoping to keep increasing this until we have all our knitwear made in the UK. 
Our hand knitted garments are made by villagers in a little seaside town in Eastern China.  By allowing the knitters to work from home we are helping to keep families together and preserve traditional village life.
Machine knit ranges are produced by A & A Fashion house in a small family-run workshop owned by Andy Wong and his son Anthony in Dongguan. The product is produced on traditional hand-looms, using little or no electricity, except in the linking (seaming) process. The workers are all paid fairly and work 'normal' hours.  


All of Lowie’s unique print designs are printed by Mr Chen at his small factory in Shenzhen. His factory employs 12 people using 7 digital machines and has been running for 11 years

Sewn Garments

Lina Lee runs the cut and sew factory that produces most of Lowie’s sewn garments, together with her husband Billy. She has recently expanded and moved to new premises with ‘best practice’ lighting and machinery set-ups that provide a safe and comfortable working environment. Lina provides employment for around 45 experienced cutters, sewers and finishers and is an expert in high-end production techniques.