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Lowie, 115 Dulwich Road, London, SE24 0NG

Lowie, 25 Westow Street, London, SE19 3RY

Lowie Studio, Unit 5, 49 Effra Road, London, SW2 1BZ

Lowie, 115 Dulwich Road, London, SE24 0NG

Lowie, 25 Westow Street, London, SE19 3RY

Lowie Studio, Unit 5, 49 Effra Road, London, SW2 1BZ

Mon, 11am - 6pm

Tue, 11am - 6pm

Thur - Sat, 10am-6pm

Sun, 10am-5pm 

About Us


Lowie is a heritage inspired fashion label with a dedication to producing our collections as ethically as possible.

Founded by designer Bronwyn Lowenthal in 2002, Lowie’s philosophy has always been to create beautifully designed clothes with minimal environmental impact and an insistence that our workers are happy and fairly paid. In an industry that often profits from exploitation, Lowie aims to be different.

Lowie has established itself as a unique brand by creating sought-after pieces from the softest wools and organic cottons. Our collections are lovingly handmade and our fabric prints are designed in-house. Limited runs ensure your fashion choices remain as individual as you. Worn by fashionistas including Liberty Ross, Erin O’Connor, Lily Cole, Fearne Cotton and Rachel Khoo, the Lowie customer appreciates the time, thought and effort that goes in to creating each piece.

From label staples such as our colourful Turkish socks and classic button back cashmere sweaters, to seasonal highlights including vibrant roll neck jumpers or our 100% cotton printed summer dresses, Lowie’s stunning designs have seen the brand develop from humble beginnings in to a byword for ethical fashion.

Lowie is sold online at, in our flagship shop in Herne Hill and in boutiques throughout the UK and Worldwide.



“We always vet our suppliers and advise on how they can make their businesses more environmentally and people friendly. Where possible, we will choose to make our garments from organic or sustainable materials. Letting our suppliers know that customers are prepared to pay a premium for ethically sourced garments will encourage them to provide us with the raw materials and processes that will ultimately serve to protect our precious environment”

Organic cotton and recycled cotton yarns have been used for the Spring/Summer collections for the last 7 years.

Lowie uses cashmere, lambswool, mohair, merino and angora wool. All our wool is ethically sourced.

Our leather is free from harmful chemicals including azo, benzadrine and chrome 6.

We ask our suppliers to use the minimum amount of plastic packaging.

All marketing materials are made from sustainable sources or printed on recycled paper.



“We visit our manufacturers at least once a year in order to maintain close relationships and ensure everybody has smiles on their faces! We aim to pay all our handmakers and manufacturers a fair price”

Knit and crochet 

Our hand-knit and crochet ranges are made by villagers in a little seaside town in Eastern China. The current trend in China is for young people to go to the city, usually leaving their children with the grandparents and only seeing them for 2 weeks a year. By allowing the knitters to work from home we are helping to keep families together and preserve traditional village life. Machine knit ranges are produced by A & A Fashion house in a small family-run workshop owned by Andy Wong and his son Anthony in Dongguan. The product is produced on traditional hand-looms, using little or no electricity, except in the linking (seaming) process. The workers are all paid fairly and work 'normal' hours.

Sewn garments 

Lina Lee runs the cut and sew factory that produces most of Lowie’s sewn garments, together with her husband Billy. She has recently expanded and moved to new premises with ‘best practice’ lighting and machinery set-ups that provide a safe and comfortable working environment.  Lina provides employment for around 45 experienced cutters, sewers and finishers and is an expert in high-end production techniques.

Fabric Printing

All of Lowie’s unique print designs are printed by Mr Chen at his small factory in Shenzhen. His factory employs 12 people using 7 digital machines and has been running for 11 years. They use high quality Epsom printers and European standard dyes, printing for top designer brands including 3.1 Phillip Lim and Alexander McQueen.

Leather belts 

The majority of our leather belts are made by a small company called Caretta in Izmir, Turkey.



In a move towards eco-friendliness, Lowie asks its customers to hand wash all wool items instead of dry cleaning. Dry cleaning uses harsh chemicals that are extremely harmful to the environment – not to mention all that wasteful plastic wrapping! Hand washing will also prolong the life of your beautiful Lowie garment.

Don’t throw away – repair! As part of our sustainable ethos we offer a FREE REPAIR SERVICE on all items from our past and current collections. We want to prolong the life of your clothing, ensuring you are able to wear and enjoy it for as long as possible. 



Lowie Designer Bronwyn Lowenthal has always been a vintage clothing fan and avid world traveller. It is these two loves which embody the Lowie style ethos. 

Born in the UK, Bronwyn was brought up in Australia by well-travelled parents who began her international education with stints spent living in the USA and Germany, followed by a year of schooling in northern Italy. 

She was a passionate and experimental fashion-lover from an early age, going on to graduate in Fashion Marketing from Australia’s Moreton Institute. After working in product management for one of Australia’s largest fashion retailers, Table Eight, Bronwyn then went on to work in marketing for Westfield, the world’s largest shopping centre brand, and later in sales and editorial for 3D World Publishing, publishers of Oyster Magazine. 

Embarking on a major international adventure, Bronwyn then travelled throughout South East Asia, the USA and spent a winter season on the Italian side of Mont Blanc working as a as a ski race photographer, which sparked her enduring love of snowboarding. 

After settling in London in 1999, Bronwyn went on to work as Brand Manager for Ben Sherman, the UK’s fifth largest mens’ casualwear brand. When offered a directorship to launch a new youth clothing label, she consequently turned it down in favour of starting her own business. 

A trip to Turkey ensued where she witnessed the bright colours, patterns and hidden language of Turkish sock-making, a skill with minimal environmental impact that has been passed down from generation to generation over hundreds of years. This provided the inspiration for Lowie, a London-based knitwear label known for valuing the time and skill invested in traditional handicrafts.